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Pajama Storytime

Pajama Storytime returns in October!. Join us newly renovated program room at Brundage Community Library and listen to some stories! […]

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Connecticut Climate Change Update

Earlier this month, the State of Connecticut released the 2018 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory Report.  The data through 2018 is the most recent and up to date information available. The report shows that Connecticut is […]

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National Hispanic Heritage Month

National Hispanic Heritage Month is a period from  September 15th to October 15th in the United States for recognizing the contributions and influence of Hispanic Americans to the history, culture, and achievements of the United States of America. […]

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Crime Time Corner #6: Academic Mysteries

When you think of the Ivy League, what comes to mind? Tradition, prestige, scholarship, old money? How about murder? Pamela Thomas-Graham wrote a three-book series in which the protagonist of all three books is Nikki […]

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Masks and Mandates

Members of an anti-mask social media group have been attending and protesting at school board meetings and public spaces in many Connecticut towns.  Movement proponents argue that children should not be required to wear masks […]

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Open Culture and Astronomy

Two astronomical events have appeared in some news articles recently. The Perseid meteor showers which occur from mid-July and continue through late August. The moon will be a crescent and set early so the night […]

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Hamden Entrepreneurs Seminar Series

The Hamden Regional Chamber of Commerce and the Hamden Economic Development Corporation are pleased to announce the Hamden Entrepreneurs Seminar Series to begin in September of 2021. This four-part series will cover a variety of important business topics […]

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Climate Change: Sixth Assessment Report

The Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change(IPCC) released its most comprehensive report yet on Monday, August 9th.  It is the 6th report since the organizations founding in 1988 and the first one since 2014’s fifth assessment […]

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Critical Race Theory 101

Chances are you have heard about something called Critical Race Theory(CRT), most likely from watching a national or local television news/opinion show, possibly even on social media.  The issue of CRT has now been localized […]