Connecticut Native Tree, Shrub, and Perennial Availability List

UConn Extension and CT DEEP Wildlife Division have released an updated list of CT businesses that grow and/or sell native trees and shrubs. For the first time, PERENNIALS are now included! Compiled from a survey of both wholesale and retail businesses, the Connecticut Native Tree, Shrub, and Perennial Availability List identifies nurseries and garden centers that sell CT native trees, shrubs, or perennials.This guide was created to assist municipalities, conservation organizations, homeowners, and landscape architects, designers, and contractors with locating native plants for habitat restoration and wildlife enhancement. Planting a variety of plant species is an effective practice to deter possible disease and insect infestations. Native plants have adapted to the local climate, making them naturally hardy. Wildlife have evolved using them for food, cover and shelter. Proper selection, care, and placement of native plants can produce a landscape that is both visually attractive and beneficial to wildlife. Native plant descriptions, flowering and fruiting periods, site requirements, and wildlife habitat values may be found in the references at the end of this page.