1.     Hamden Public Library meeting rooms are to be used for:
          1. Library sponsored programs
          2. Programs co-sponsored by the library and another group
          3. Town of Hamden sponsored groups or other government agencies, and
          4. For local groups comprised of at least 50% Hamden residents.
    1.      All groups may use library meeting rooms on the terms supplied below. No club, organization, or group may use meeting room space on a continuing, week-to-week, or month-to-month basis, unless programs or activities are held in cooperation with the library, are Town sponsored or other government agencies.
    2.      The Library Director may designate meeting room space for the exclusive use of the library at all times.
    3.      The use of the library meeting rooms at Miller Library, Brundage Community Branch, and Whitneyville Branch is under the regulation of the Hamden Library Board and the Town of Hamden. Either the Library Director or his/her designee approves applications.
    4.      Library meeting room space will only be available for use at times when the library building being used (Miller Memorial, Brundage Community, or Whitneyville Branch) is normally open (except Sunday). The Miller meeting room space is limited only to library sponsored activities, activities sponsored by other Town departments or other government agencies, tutors and college or high school study groups; Miller walk-in patrons (groups of 4 or less) requesting space for one-time only usage may also have space based upon availability. The Library Director may make exceptions to the time restrictions for special library-sponsored programs that are scheduled during times that the library or branch is normally closed.
    5.      Meeting room space at the branches is booked directly with the respective branches.
    6.      All applications for the use of meeting rooms must be made on the form prescribed. The application must state the purpose and nature of the activity for which the meeting room is to be used, and must list the names of two responsible persons for which the meeting room is to be used, and must list the names of two responsible persons who will be held liable for any damage or loss of property arising from such use. At least one of the individuals MUST be in attendance at the event. Applications will not be accepted more than 3 months in advance of use. No reservations will be taken over the phone. Applications will be processed in the order in which they are received. APPLICATIONS MUST BE FILED AT LEAST 2 BUSINESS DAYS BEFORE THE EVENT DATE.
    7.      First priority for use of library meeting rooms will be given to the library, followed by activities by other town departments or other government agencies. The next priority for use of library meeting rooms will be granted to local groups composed of at least 50% Hamden residents.
    8.      Rooms may not be used for purely social gatherings, private parties, or selling to the public.
    9.      Hours of use: Users must vacate the meeting room space and close up no less than 15 minutes before the library closes. Failure to comply could result in cancellation of any future use.
    10.      Other groups besides those named above can request use of the meeting rooms.Fees may apply and they are as follows:

      a). Hamden nonprofit organizations=No charge
      b.). Hamden for-profit organizations =$25.00 per 4 hours (an additional $25.00 for any time over 4 hours).
      c). Out-of-town for- profit and non-profit organizations=$25.00 per 4 hours (an additional $25.00 for any time over 4 hours)

      Checks may be made payable to Town of Hamden and must be received two business days in advance of the event.  Any organization that does not clean up after itself adequately may be charged a custodial fee of $25.00.

    11.      Promotional materials (i.e. press releases, flyers, brochures) for activities in any library building must not in any way portray either the Town of Hamden or the Library as a sponsor of such activity.
    12.      The Hamden Library Board may rescind permission without notice if the applicant violates either building rules and regulations, application conditions, or both.
    13.      The use of space cannot interfere with regular functioning of the library. This includes entering restricted areas, or tampering with or damaging library equipment, materials or supplies.
    14.      If police coverage is necessary (to be determined by the Library), the persons in charge of the activity will be required to provide such police attendance at its expense and give the Police Permit Number to the Library Business Office no later than 48 hours before the event.
    15.      The use of any space for display or exhibit purposes must comply with Section 9-4.4 of the Fire code. Plans showing details of the proposed exhibit or show must be submitted for approval with the application. The library cannot store displays and personal belongings; they must be removed after each use.
    16.      The facility is to be used only on the date and time specified and for the purpose named in the application.
    17.      The facility is accepted as is and there is no guarantee that the heating and air conditioning works.
    18.      Permission to use the space granted to an organization is not transferable.
    19.      Applicants may not bring in their own equipment or furnishings unless the library has granted prior approval. Applicants must give a physical description and the quantity of all equipment and furnishings being brought unto the library premises as part of the application process.
    20.      Permission is not granted until a library designee signs the application form and approval has been provided to the applicant.
    21.      A certificate of insurance naming the Town of Hamden as additional insured is required of all organizations not affiliated with the Town to cover loss or damage to equipment and property. The certificate must be presented to the Library Business Office prior to approval of an application. Organizations requesting a waiver of this provision must request such waiver from the Town Risk Manager, Hamden Government Center, 2750 Dixwell Avenue, Hamden, CT 06518. Questions regarding insurance should be directed to the Risk Manager at 287-7078.
    22.      SMOKING IS NOT PERMIITED in any area of the library building. Food and beverages are restricted to designated areas. (See the application for details). Alcoholic beverages are not permitted. All food and beverages and the waste created in their preparation and/or consumption must be disposed of in proper receptacles or removed from the building.
    23.      When the use of AV equipment is requested, arrangements must be made at the time of application.
    24.      Americans With Disabilities Act Accessibility Requirements must be met. The Town of Hamden is committed to compliance with ADA to ensure that individuals with disabilities are not excluded from services, programs and activities. The Miller Complex is an accessible facility. The Brundage Community and Whitneyville Branch Libraries meeting rooms are not accessible.
      Interpreter services: It is the responsibility of the sponsoring organization to provide a sign language interpreter for the hearing impaired, if requested 5 business days in advance of the event. Call the Connecticut Commission on the Deaf and Hearing Impaired Interpreting Office (860-566-7414) to arrange for an interpreter and to discuss fees.

Meeting Room Application Form (PDF)

Miller Complex Meeting Rooms/Thornton Wilder Hall

Arrangements for use of non-library space in the Miller Cultural Complex may be made through the Elderly Services Office.

Other Hamden Area Meeting Rooms