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The Invasives Among Us

Like the “Englishman’s footstep” (Plantain – Plantago major), there is another invasive plant in our midst that we inadvertently spread via our footsteps. This plant is nearly ready to shed its multitude of tiny seeds onto […]

squash plant with flowers
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Veggies to plant now

Wasn’t it just Spring? and now we are in mid-summer? That’s Connecticut for you. Procrastinate no more! Take a look at this guide to sowing seeds directly into the garden, courtesy of The Old Farmers’ […]

veggie seeds
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Grow Your Garden from Seed!

On Tuesday, February 2, from 6:30-7:45 p.m., the library is hosting a virtual guide for beginners on how to get you and your seeds started. Learn how to determine what, and when, to plant. How […]

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June is Audiobook Month

With so many portable device options, you can literally take them into the sun, while gardening, watering, sunbathing, or hiking. They can also make drive time and chores seem to go by faster, and can […]

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Hamden Public Library – Zoom Etiquette

What is Zoom? If you haven’t yet Zoomed, it is likely that you will! More and more people and groups are conducting formal and informal meetings and chats online, that is, virtually, rather than face-to-face […]

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English As a Second Language

Use Our Online Resources to Learn English This guide will introduce you to Hamden Public Library’s online resources that are useful to adult learners of English as a Second Language (ESL) and their tutors. These […]