The Page Turners! A Kids Book Club

Scary Stories & Folktales.

Hey Page Turners! Are you ready for some thrills and chills?

In October, instead of everyone reading the same book, we will be exploring the themes and elements of scary stories and eerie folktales.

Feel free to choose any frightening, hair-raising, or creepy story you can find, or select one from our list of suggestions below! Come to the meeting ready to share your thoughts on what makes a book feel ominous or unsettling.

Short Stories/Early Chapter Books

Graphic Novels

Chapter Books

The Page Turners is an exciting book club for kids in grades 2 through 6.  Meet up once a month at the Whitneyville Branch Library to chat about books and do some awesome projects.  This book club is intended for school age kids in grades 2 through 6. Visit our program calendar to sign up!