The Hamden Library Podcast is Now Live!

Nearly a year in the making, the Hamden Library Podcast has made its official debut!

Our goal is to not only keep you informed but also entertain and inspire you. Appreciate why Hamden Public Library truly is the heart of Hamden!

Episode 1: Telling Our Story

We kick off the podcast with an episode exploring what public libraries do, throwing off tired stereotypes of book palaces with shushing librarians who don’t like to be disturbed. Our patrons sound off on why they love their library. Our co-hosts interrogate one another and learn about something called “fun.” We review books both fiction and non- plus a film review by our own media obsessive (and stalwart Best Video employee) Mike Wheatley. Plus: An in-depth interview with Hamden Public Library Director Melissa Canham-Clyne explores all facets of what libraries were, are, can and will be in the future. You should totally check it out!

We plan on releasing new episodes of the Hamden Library Podcast on the last Monday of each month. Listen and subscribe on Spotify, Stitcher, Apple Podcasts or wherever else you get podcasts. Episodes can also be found directly here: Hamden Library Podcast.