Online STEAM with Miss Johnea

Binocular Craft & In-home Safari

Good morning all! Today we are making binoculars and going on a safari! Our binoculars will be made from some recyclable materials and then we will go on a search for different colors that we can find around our homes.




Materials needed:

  • 2 toilet paper rolls
  • Markers or stickers
  • String or yarn
  • Tape and/or glue

Starting with your toilet paper rolls, decorate and design them however you wish. We used permanent markers and did two different designs on both toilet paper rolls.


Once you’ve finished decorating your toilet paper rolls, you can either use tape around the top and bottom edges (see image below) or glue the two pieces together. Be sure to allow them time to dry if you choose to use glue!


Attach your string to your binoculars…

Once you have finished making your binoculars, you’re ready to start your Safari!


Can you find these colors in each of the rooms listed below?

Find the color YELLOW or GREEN in the Living Room

Find the color WHITE in the Kitchen

Find the color BLUE in the Dining Room

Find the color RED or PINK in your Bedroom

Find the color PURPLE in a Closet

Find the color BLACK in the Bathroom


Happy searching!