National Book Lover’s Day! – August 9th

For readers and book lovers of the world, National Book Lover’s Day is a day for celebrating the joys, adventures, and excitement that books and reading bring! Recognized every year on August 9th, National Book Lover’s Day is an unofficial holiday that shines a light on the history of books and their powerful and continued impact on our everyday lives. While the exact date that books were first created is unknown to the public, the earliest examples of story-telling and the written word were found as carvings on stone tablets. Books were later designed to become more portable than stone tablets and were made with either parchment or calfskin, bound tightly in wooden covers. As printing became more prominent, it eventually became more affordable and faster to print written materials; and through printing, the books that we know today were made and have continued to survive and thrive!

Whether they are opened and read, listened to, checked out, bought, or downloaded, books in any format can be loved and appreciated by everyone. Reading books also provides many health benefits for the mind and spirit! Celebrate National Book Lover’s Day by learning about how healthy reading can be and discover related items that are available in the Hamden Public Library’s physical and digital collections!

Reading Books Can:

Build Vocabulary: Research has shown time and again that reading is a strong way to help people broaden their horizons with language and words. This is especially true for children! Children who are exposed to books and reading early, and who read an above average number of books, experience a higher rate of vocabulary growth and intellect; they are also more familiar with new words. The earlier that basic books are introduced to children and that reading habits begin, the higher that childrens’ intelligence and language skills will grow in the future.

Recommended: Bob books Series: Set 1, Beginning Readers by Bobby Lynn Maslen

Available at the Whitneyville library and the first book set of a popular and educational series for new readers, Bob books: Set 1, Beginning Readers is a great starting point for parents to introduce reading to their children! With colorful illustrations, easy words and sounds to pronounce, and simple stories for reading aloud, children will feel accomplished and excited to become readers and parents will enjoy the experience and memories of sharing books and reading as a family!


Boost Brains: Similar to exercising to stay physically active and fit, reading books can “exercise” and help minds stay sharp, active, and energized! People who spend their free time doing stimulating activities like reading, solving word or jigsaw puzzles, or playing chess are over two times less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease than those who spend their time doing less stimulating activities.

Recommended: Reading in the Brain: The Science and Evolution of a Cultural Invention by Stanislas Deheane

Available at the Miller library, “Reading in the Brain: The Science and Evolution of a Cultural Invention” is an in-depth and fascinating study on how the human brain acquires the ability to read, form sounds and gain meanings from text, and develops, processes, and stimulates information and ideas from the act of reading. For those interested in learning more about the science of reading, this book will provide a fantastic and informative education as to how human brains process words and are boosted through reading!


Build Empathy: Through works of fiction, book readers can gain a stronger understanding and empathy for characters who have different  personality types and life circumstances. In turn, this understanding and empathy can have a ripple effect in reality and help readers build stronger relationships and a greater awareness of peoples’ emotions.

Recommended: Morningstar: Growing Up with Books by Ann Hood

Available at both the Brundage and Miller libraries, “Morningstar: Growing Up with Books” is an autobiographical memoir that explores the transformative power of literature. Hood describes her childhood and coming of age as a time that was largely influenced and molded by the  books that she read and loved. Hood also discusses how books and reading gave her exposure to new walks of life and expanded her views on the world, revealing which books were instrumental in changing her life and providing tips for readers to discover their own joy of reading!


Help You Relax: Research has proven that reading every night is very beneficial for a person’s health. Before going to bed, reading a book can help you rest better by sending signals to the body to wind down and fall asleep. It is also said that reading can have a great impact on reducing stressful feelings, no matter what type of book is read. However, instead of reading material on phone and tablet screens, actual books should be read before going to sleep, as screens can cause a person to stay awake longer!

Recommended: The Art of Reading: An Illustrated History of Books in Paint by Jamie Camplin

Available at the Miller library, “The Art of Reading: An Illustrated History of Books in Paint” is a glowing tribute to the relationship between books and paintings and their artistry and inspiration. Compiling over one hundred artworks from both American and European artists, Camplin’s book showcases paintings from the past and present that feature books and readers as subjects. Each painting analyzes how books have been used, valued, and loved throughout history and helps readers appreciate diverse painting styles and genres. Reading books and viewing art are both excellent ways to decrease stress and increase calmness; picking up this title is sure to do both!


Create a Ripple Effect: Parents can influence and inspire a deep love for reading in their children by simply reading aloud to them! By taking time for reading aloud, children can build reading comprehension skills and future, routine reading habits. Parents who also enjoy reading books for fun can provide further inspiration for children to pick up books and read!

Recommended: The Enchanted Hour: The Miraculous Power of Reading Aloud in the Age of Distraction by Meghan Cox Gurdon

Available in our Hoopla collection as an eAudiobook and eBook, “The Enchanted Hour: The Miraculous Power of Reading Aloud in the Age of Distraction” describes and examines how reading aloud can make adults and children smarter, happier, and more closely attached to family and friends. With the advances of technology, Gurdon argues that the practice of reading aloud engages young minds, encourages young readers to become more creative and curious, and helps foster a life-long love for the written word.


We hope that you enjoyed learning more about the benefits of reading and National Book Lover’s Day! For more information about the Hamden Public Library, library services, or our Online Catalog, please feel free to call the Miller library’s information desk at 203-287-2680 or Email us. You can also reach us by using our Online Chat service.

Happy National Book Lover’s Day!