Crime Time Corner #1

Discovering Mystery series

Imagine that you have committed a murder; the victim deserved what he got, you were never caught, but you know that sooner or later, you will be called to account. What to do? This is the situation that Casey Duncan, a homicide detective, of all things, faces in CITY OF THE LOST, by author Kelley Armstrong. It’s been 12 years since Casey killed her ex-boyfriend, a drug-dealing grandson of a mobster who ran and left her to be severely beaten by rival drug dealers. Casey also has a friend who is running from an abusive ex. This friend has heard of a town for people who want to start over. The catch is it’s in rural Canada- off the grid. No cell phones, internet, TV, or radios. Admission is by application. No one leaves without permission of the town council. The town does not want a murderer, but they need a detective. Casey wants her friend to be safe, so Casey finds herself in Canada, too- it’s a package deal. Kelley Armstrong has created a small town with some big secrets. If you enjoy a strong, intelligent female protagonist and an unusual setting, try the Casey Duncan series.

The other books in this series are:
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