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Chronological Resume

Functional Resume

Google Docs Collaborative Document

Alan Smithee (Google Docs)

Alan Smithee

Down the Rabbit Hole

Excel Tutorial Files:

Excel 2013 Tutorial Workbook (Windows)

Excel  Tutorial Workbook (Mac)

Excel 2013 Tables and Pivot Tables PowerPoint

Excel 2013 Tables and Pivot Tables Exercise Sheet

Excel 2013 Formulas and Functions PowerPoint

Excel 2013 Formula Examples

PDFs of past classes will be posted below (click a link to view/download):

Intro to MacOS

Photos Handout

Intro to iOS

Essential Apps for iOS

Using iCloud

Using Gmail and Google Calendar

Intro to Google Drive

Intro to Google Docs

Resume Basics Handout

Resume Basics Presentation

Browsing the Web Safely

Phishing & Email Safety

Online Privacy