You can send your print job to any of our branch locations to pick up during open hours. Printing costs are $.15 per page  for black and white, and  $.50 per page for color, cash only.
Supported File Formats

Send to Miller Library Printer
2901 Dixwell Ave
Hamden, CT   06518


Send to Brundage Community Branch Printer
91 Circular Ave
Hamden, CT   06514


Send to Whitneyville Branch Printer
125 Carleton Street
Hamden, CT   06517


You will receive an email confirmation when your document is ready to print.  Enter your email at the library’s print release station to retrieve your documents. Emails and individual attachments are listed as separate documents, so you have the option to print which ones you want.


How do I print a boarding pass?

Boarding passes are printed from the airline web pages. If the airline allows you to save a copy of the boarding pass as a PDF file, then:

1. Save the PDF file to disk,
2. Print the PDF file using this printing service.

Or, in Internet Explorer, click ‘File Save As Web Archive, single file *.mht’, and save the web page to a location you can browse to from the Printing Service.

Most boarding pass web pages are protected with a secret login ID and password. If you provide the URL (web address) of your boarding pass, the printing services will be blocked because your login name and password are not known by the print system.