Parking Ban For 2023 Milling and Paving 

Beginning  Monday, August 28, 2023, there will be a parking ban for streets on the fall paving list (see below).  

This ban is being proclaimed pursuant to Section 70.34 (13) of the Code of the Town of Hamden. As per this section, no person shall park or allow to remain parked, any motor vehicle on any portion of any highway to which it applies. The parking ban shall expire at the conclusion of the work on the streets listed below, and a separate announcement will be issued.    

 Signs shall be posted on each scheduled street not less than 24 hours in advance of any paving activity and shall remain in effect until paving has been completed. Residents are permitted to park on their street until such time that signs have been posted. Please remain attentive and watchful for signage regarding your street’s scheduled paving activities. Vehicles not removed prior to paving activity will be subject to towing at the owner’s expense.  

Milling and paving work will begin August 28th, and the following streets will have no parking on the street until work is completed: 

 Street Paving List Fall 2023: 

BROOKSVALE DRIVE  Brooksvale Ave  Barn 
FANS ROCK ROAD  Shepard Ave  Paradise Ave 
HILL STREET  West Shepard Ave  Dead End 
SHERMAN AVE  Crestway  Corporate Ridge Rd 
SHEPARD AVE  Braeside Dr  Howard Dr 
EARL AVE  Hume  Four Road Rd 
ADLA DRIVE  Howard Dr  Cul-de-sac 
GILBERT AVE  Benham St  465 Gilbert 
MORGAN LANE  Lane St  Gilbert Ave 
FALLON DRIVE  White Dr  Pembroke Rd 
PEMBROKE ROAD  Fallon Dr  Fallon Dr 
LANE STREET  Clover St  Gilbert Ave 
TWIN BROOK ROAD  Belden Rd  Baker Rd 
CHURCH STREET  Dixwell Ave  Circular Ave 
DANTE STREET  Church St  Beacon St 
GARDEN STREET  Church St  Beacon St 
PERSHING STREET  Dixwell Ave  Marne St 
FOCH STREET  Dixwell Ave  Marne St 
HAIG STREET  Dixwell Ave  Canal Trail 
ROBERT STREET  Dixwell Ave  Lakeview Ave 
BENHAM STREET  Dixwell Ave  Wilbur Cross 
MILL ROCK ROAD  Prospect St  Newhall St 
GILES STREET  Augur St  Blake Rd 
TURNER AVE  Putnam Ave  Augur St 
FRANCIS AVE  Putnam Ave  Augur St 
CLIFFORD STREET  Treadwell St  Ralston Ave  
GLENDALE STREET  Quentin St  Ralston Ave 
QUENTIN STREET  Clifford St  Glendale St 
CURRY ROAD  Fernwood Rd  Fernwood Road 
CORBIN ROAD  Foote St  Foote St 
CARROLL STREET  Leo Road  Smith Dr 
WEATON STREET  Park Ave  Hawthorne Ave 
GREENWAY STREET  202 Greenway  Ingram St 
PINEWOOD ROAD  Whitney Ave  Riverside Dr 


Please visit this website for the paving map and additional information:  


For further information, please contact Deputy Chief of Staff, Alexa M. Panayotakis, at (203) 287-7100
or by email at