OverDrive App Will Sunset February 2022

If you use the OverDrive app to access Libraries Online Digital Collection for free e-books, e-magazines and audiobooks, please plan to switch to the Libby app.

The OverDrive app is be removed from the Apple App Store, Google Play and Microsoft Store February 23, 2022. Existing app downloads will no longer be updated or supported before being discontinued completely by the end of 2022.

Current OverDrive app users can continue to use the app until further notice. All of the same e-books, e-magazines and audiobooks are available on the Libby app.

If you’re not sure which app you’re using, the OverDrive app’s icon looks like a white “O” on a blue background. The Libby app’s icon is burgundy and teal and shows a character reading a book.

If you have any questions about this transition, you can stop by the Information Desk, or contact us via phone, email, or chat.