NXTHVN Apprenticeship Opportunities

High school students in the greater New Haven area with a strong interested in the arts can apply for an apprenticeship at NXTHVN.  Under the leadership of the Student Programs Manager, apprentices work 13 hours a month side by side with NXTHVN fellows and staff to build technical and professional skills supported by activities that are scaffolded to support the program’s core values. Learn more about NXTHVN Apprenticeships.

NXTHVN is a new national arts model that empowers artists and curators through education and access to a vibrant ecosystem. Supported by intergenerational mentorship, cross-sector collaboration, and local engagement, NXTHVN accelerates the careers of the next generation and fosters retention of professional art talent while helping catalyze New Haven into a world-class, sustainable arts community.