New Citizen Science Projects

What is Citizen Science?

As we face global challenges, we may want to find local ways to make a difference in protecting endangered species, safeguarding water sources, preventing disease or accelerating medical research.  Here are four common features of citizen science practice: (a) anyone can participate, (b) participants use the same protocol so data can be combined and be high quality, (c) data can help real scientists come to real conclusions and (d) a wide community of scientists and volunteers work together and share data.  Citizen scientists typically are not professional scientists.  Rather, they are curious or concerned people who collaborate with professional scientists in ways that advance scientific research on topics they care about.

What’s New this Month?

Canine Metacognition

Test pet dogs for awareness of their own knowledge(of how to get a treat).

NASA Globe Cloud Gaze

Interpret cloud photos to help scientists better understand our climate.

Kitizen Science

Monitoring the impact of spay/neuter programs on free-roaming cat populations.

Growing Beyond Earth

Evaluating new crops & growing techniques for long-distance space travel.

Scribes of the Cairo Geniza

Identify Hebrew and Arabic fragments based on visual characteristics.