New Children’s Picture Books

Looking for a new book to enjoy? Check out the new picture books we have coming into the library!





We Disagree

by Bethanie Deeney Murguia

Squirrel and Mouse aren’t agreeing on anything. Can they find a way to accept each other’s differences?




Antiracist Baby

by Ibram X. Kendi

Antiracist Baby wants to share the 9 steps to evoking change and equity within our society.






When We Are Kind

by Monique Gray Smith

When you perform the smallest acts of kindness, they make everyone feel joy. Spread kindness!





When Winter Comes: Discovering Wildlife in Our Snowy Woods

by Aimee N. Bissonette

Follow along this trek through the woods. Discover the hibernating animals above and below the surface, in the winter time.




The Little Kitten

by Nicola Killen

Ollie and Pumpkin find a new friend, who is lost and alone. But when they get separated, can Ollie and Pumpkin find one another?





Smashy Town

by Andrea Zimmerman

Written by the author of Trashy Town, Smashy Town has Mr. Gilly who is a crane operator. He has to knock down a building, so a new one can be built. Will he be able to knock the whole building down?






Imogene Comes Back!

by David Small

In this reprisal of “Imogene’s Antlers”, Imogene has returned with a new assortment of peculiarities. Will her family survive her oddness this time?






by David Weisner

Everyone’s trying to figure out how to build Robobaby, but no one will listen to Cathode. Will she get a chance to lend a hand?




In The City

by Chris Raschka

Two girls with a common interest, become friends when they meet at the park.





Sun Flower Lion

by Kevin Henkes

Sun sits in the sky. Flower sits upon a hill, looking up at sun. And Lion plays in Sun’s light and naps next to Flower. They all look similar.






Small Walt Spots Dot

by Elizabeth Verdick

In this installment of Small Walt; Walt and Gus are out plowing during the snowfall. They find a lost dog and try to help rescue him!





What We’ll Build: Plans for Our Together Future

by Oliver Jeffers

A father and daughter are building a home and along with it, stories and memories as well.