Juneteenth READ-IN Celebration!

In partnership with the Hamden Black History Committee and the Town of Hamden’s Arts, Culture, Recreation & Wellness Department, we are hosting the first annual Juneteenth READ-IN, Saturday, June 15, 11 – 4 PM. We invite you to lend your voice and/or hands to making this celebration a success. Readers of all ages and abilities are needed to read the words of their favorite African American author, poet, essayist, clergy, or speechwriter. You may read up to fifteen minutes! We also need hospitality hosts to help welcome listeners and readers to the event.
Help us to honor the more than 400+ years of African American writing by reading out loud the works of your favorite writer aloud to others. We will create a program sharing the names of readers and the works that they will be reading so that listeners can plan ahead on hearing their favorite readers and writers.
The library will host a practice session of the Read-In prior to the event. The date is yet to be scheduled. Details will be shared and it is not mandatory to attend. Mainly, we want to make sure everyone feels comfortable with the schedule and set-up. Readers will be using a microphone.
Learn more and sign-up to volunteer at www.hamdenlibrary.org or call 203-287-2680.
Frequently asked questions…
How many time slots are there? 
We are striving to have 15 reading time slots. Readers should plan on giving a brief introduction of what they are reading. Keep in mind that listeners may want to ask you questions afterwards.
May children read?
Yes! Readers of all ages are welcome to share the transformative joy and power of words!
May I invite someone to join me in the reading?
Yes! We get that reading aloud may be more fun with someone else. Groups, friends, couples, or families may join together to read during one of the slots.
I don’t know what I might want to read or where to find what I want to read.
No problem! We are a library and will help you find the piece of writing that fits you. If we don’t have the book, poem, essay, or other writing, we will reach out to other libraries and institutions.
What if I am my favorite African American writer?
Share your writing with our listeners!
I want to volunteer but don’t want to read.
We need you! We need people to help us with hospitality and with spreading the word. We also need listeners!