GLOBE Observer Citizen Science Webinar

Any day can be Earth Day when you celebrate our beautiful home planet! A great way to show your appreciation for Earth is to participate in citizen science projects that help us all learn more about how the world works and how to keep it healthy.

GLOBE stands for Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment.  It is a citizen science app that allows volunteers to contribute observations and collect data to track changes in the Earth’s environment.  The data will be used for real life scientists and students currently doing research through the GLOBE program.

Just last week NASA announced that public citizen scientist volunteers discovered 95 brown dwarfs, which are a type of substellar object that has a mass between those of the heaviest gas giant planets and the least massive stars.  Participating in these programs has very real impacts on our advances in science.

The webinar is Thursday, August 27th, at 2:00pm ET

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