“Get Back” to “Beatlemania”

With the recent release of Peter Jackson’s Beatles documentary “Get Back” on Disney Plus, Beatlemania has once again dominated music charts, library hold lists and book sales, and the pop culture world. “Get Back” is a stunning look into the Beatles’ writing and creative process and several rehearsals of songs that were ultimately released on their 1969 album “Abbey Road” and 1970 album “Let it Be”. The film chronicles all of the events and situations that are taking place within the band member’s lives in January 1969 and ends with the band’s famous rooftop concert. To celebrate the Beatles’ continued lasting impact on the world, we have put together a few recommendations of Beatles material that can be found in our library collection and on our digital service, Hoopla!

  • “The Beatles solo: the illustrated chronicles of John, Paul, George, and Ringo after the Beatles” by Mat Snow: Available on Hoopla with your Hamden library card, this volume of four books describes the lives of each Beatle after the band parted ways. From the release of Paul McCartney and Wings’ 1973 album “Band on the Run” to Ringo Starr’s creation of his “All-Starr Band”, this stunning collection of books is a very informative examination of each band member’s solo discography, film career, and personal life with the Beatles left behind, but never too far away.
  • “The Beatles Anthology”, by the Beatles: Available in the library’s non-fiction collection, this is the definitive story of the Beatles as told by the Beatles themselves! Using interview snippets, personal photographs and archival materials, and documents from each band member, “The Beatles Anthology” tells the story of the band from their first meetings in Liverpool to their breakup. Created in close collaboration in 1995 with the Lennon estate and Paul, George, and Ringo, this is a must-read for any Beatles fan or lover of music!
  • “The Beatles: All These Years (Volume 1: Tune In)”, by Mark Lewisohn: Available for checkout in our non-fiction collection, this title is the first volume of a planned trilogy by Mark Lewisohn, an English historian, author, and a leading authority on the Beatles. Lewisohn uses every detail, small and large, to research the humble beginnings of the Beatles, delving into their family histories, the atmosphere of Liverpool in the 1950’s, and the American musicians and rock and roll that inspired the Beatles and their generation. This title is highly recommended for music and history lovers, as well as huge Beatles fans.
  • “Revolver”, by the Beatles: What’s a Beatles recommendation list without any of their albums? “Revolver”, released in 1966 as the Beatles’ seventh studio album, is considered to be a high point in the Beatles discography and includes classic and memorable songs such as “Eleanor Rigby”, “Here, There, and Everywhere”, and “Yellow Submarine”. It has been regarded as a game-changing album for the Beatles and was a beginning to the artistry and expertise that would come to define the band. Visit our CD section and check it out today!
  • “A Hard Day’s Night”, starring the Beatles and directed by Richard Lester: Released in 1964 as the Beatles’ first feature film, this comedy/musical depicts a fictional “day in the life” of the band as they escape from screaming girls, go on press interviews, and perform for adoring fans. “A Hard Day’s Night” is a classic and is considered to be one of the finest “rock and roll” films ever made. The DVD is available for checkout in our Miller Branch!