DataHaven Community Wellbeing Survey

DataHaven, a non-profit organization based out of New Haven, has published it’s 2020 Community Wellbeing Survey.  Conducted between July 27th and August 18th, this years report is inextricably correlated with Covid-19 impacts.

“The purpose of the DataHaven Community Wellbeing Survey is to produce the most accurate, locally-relevant information on issues that are most meaningful to residents, thereby adding to what public agencies are able to collect through administrative record-keeping systems,” said Mark Abraham, Executive Director of DataHaven.

The data shows indelible disparities in income inequality, socioeconomic opportunities, and ominous implications for the black and hispanic experience of Covid-19 in Connecticut.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, 68% of adults in Connecticut report feeling mostly or completely happy during the previous day.  However, this measure varied widely by income, ranging from 54% among adults earning less than $30,000 per year to 76% among adults earning $100,000 or more.  21% of the Connecticut workforce is considered underemployed.  24% say it is difficult or very difficult to get by.  63% say they will definitely get the Covid-19 vaccination.

The survey is weighted on age, gender, race/ethnicity, geography, and income.  The margin of error is +/- 3.8% with a 95% confidence interval.

Read the full report here: DataHaven Community Wellbeing Survey (PDF)