Covid-19 Digital Health Cards

Digital Health Cards launched in Connecticut last week.  Connecticut residents can now download the card to their phone, tablet or computer from the state website.

Head to the CT Wiz public portal website.

This is where you will fill out the requested information and choose if you’re requesting the records for yourself or if you’re a parent or guardian.  You will then enter in how you’d like to receive your access code.  You can choose to receive the code via phone number or an email address.  Enter that code on the website and hit verify.

Your immunization records should pop up.  At the top right hand side of the website, there is a link that says “Download Covid-19 Records.” Click on that and it will download a PDF file.  Once you click the PDF file to open it, a list of your COVID-19 vaccines and booster will pop up on the screen with a QR code at the bottom.

When using your computer, you’ll need to open up your phone’s camera, point it at the QR code and you can download the information to your phone.  If you’re doing this on your phone, you can take a screenshot of the image that shows your vaccination list and save it in your photos.

Many events already require proof of vaccination or a negative test, so having your immunization record available on your phone will prove extremely convenient in the coming years.