Citizen Science Month 2021

It is Citizen Science Month!

Citizen Science Month is in the month of April. Citizen Science is an organization that builds a collaborative relationship between both scientists and individuals that want to effect positive change in the environment. Through programs like The Great Backyard Bird Count (February), citizen science allows for individuals who have an interest in scientific exploration and analysis in certain fields to participate in furthering scientific understanding on a global scale.


Interested in being part of a citizen science event? Check out the website for events and projects going on near you. There are many family-friendly projects, as well as some age specific ones. Search your Location: Connecticut, click on a project that you are considering participating in and sign up!


There are also some educational directed projects as well:

STEMCARE Activities                Library Resource Kits                          Classroom Resources


Check out the SciStarter Calendar for more events throughout the year; like the Citizen Science Kids Day event, on April 3rd!


Look out for blog posts throughout the month of April with projects you can participate in, here at home.