Citizen/Community Science Happy Hour

On the second and fourth Wednesdays of the month from 5pm to 6pm, you can contribute to science remotely.  From now until the end of August, a program promoted by SciStarter and hosted by Science Forward @ Macauley Honors College will be available for free.  The basic format will be a quick intro mentioning the projects being worked on, followed by everyone picking a project and getting started on it.

Currently the program will feature the following:

  • iNaturalist: post photos and provide ID information
  • Penguin Watch (on Zooniverse): count penguins from remote camera images
  • Invader ID (on Zooniverse): help classify underwater creatures
  • Star Notes (on Zooniverse): transcribe notebooks of early women astronomers

You will need a device that can have Zoom open AND a project window open (via app or internet browser) at the same time.  Both iNaturalist and Zooniverse have Apps for mobile download.

Register here for free on Eventbrite and select a date