Armchair Travel Opportunities

Climb aboard the internet!

As we continue to stay at home, it’s only natural that our desire to get out and go places grows. Even though we can’t take vacation trips–or even day trips at this point—we’re fortunate to have the internet at our fingertips. As the internet has expanded, museums and cultural institutions worldwide have built websites that include virtual tours of their buildings and their collections that we can appreciate now more than ever. We’ve collected some of those here in hopes of helping you pass your extra time at home in a meaningful way.

Let’s start in our own backyard with the New Haven Museum then move on to the Yale University Art Gallery which has both online access to its collections and a YouTube channel with an archive of dozens of art lectures. Farther south in the state there’s the current exhibit, “Home”, at the Rowayton Art Gallery and how about an interview with architect Frank Gehry and author Paul Goldberger recorded at the Glass House in New Canaan.

Leaving Connecticut, we can travel to the National Museum of Natural History and take a walk through the Guggenheim in New York City. Beyond our shores there’s the Louvre and the British Museum. And, if that’s still not enough, Google has compiled an entire collection of international museum tours.

Need a change of pace? How about zoos? Live cams are set up in many areas at the San Diego Zoo, the National Zoo and the Georgia Aquarium that should keep young and old entertained for hours.

Finally, we can stop for a visit with contemporary folk guitarist Hiroya Tsukamoto who performed for Hamden Library in Thornton Wilder Hall a few years ago. This streaming concert was broadcast from his New York City apartment on Sunday.