The Hamden Library System uses volunteers to perform tasks not assigned to staff and to enhance service to the community.  Volunteers generally provide support services to staff or work on special projects.
      1.   Volunteers are selected based upon their qualifications and the needs of the library. Selection, assignment and termination of volunteers are the responsibilities of the library director. Not every applicant can be selected.
      2.   Volunteers shall work during the hours when adequate supervision is available.  The supervisor in each department will arrange work schedules and specific time commitments.
      3.   Persons who seek volunteer assignments at the Hamden Library to meet requirements set by an outside agency for the performance of community service shall be subject to the above selection process and all other provisions of this policy.
      4.   In the event that a volunteer is not able to perform adequately the duties assigned to him or her, the library will make an effort to reassign the volunteer, if another suitable volunteer position exists at the time.
      5.   A volunteer selected for work on a special project will discontinue service when the project is completed, unless other arrangements have been made.
      6.   Volunteers may be terminated for cause or lack of work.

You may download a Volunteer Application, then return the completed form to the library in person or by mail:

Hamden Public Library
2901 Dixwell Avenue
Hamden, CT 06518